Month: May 2019

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Vacation real estate marketing made simple

iD8 and Sato Real Estate join forces to highlight vacation rentals and residential property in ...

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iD8 is Lakewood Ranch

iD8 has been working with Lakewood Ranch – SMR since 2018 to help develop and ...

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iD8 markets commercial real estate in Sarasota

iD8 welcomes American Property Group of Sarasota.  iD8 will focus on marketing commercial properties in ...

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iD8 continues Floral marketing in Savannah

iD8 moves into increased floral targeted marketing with the addition of John Wolf Florists.  We ...

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iD8 growing Floral sales

iD8 and Greensleeves Florist begins targeting marketing strategies for floral sales.    Greensleeves Florist has ...

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